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ABOUT US (atm, just me..)

My name's Chris, I'm a 29 y/o South African, happily married to a beautiful wife and have been living in Australia for the past 4 years. I have a great love and appreciation for the outdoors, adventure and refined quality. Whether it's a whisky or a coffee - quality trumps quantity! And there's no better way to enjoy any of these things, than with good friends!

I'm very hands-on and enjoy making things I like, just the way I like them! I prefer using natural materials such as wood, leather, stone and brass - they offer something very unique and are rich in character!
After roughly 12 years wood-working and 4 years leather-working, I still love the satisfying feeling of creating something beautiful.

Currently all products are designed and handcrafted by myself here in Hornsby, Australia. I've spent my spare time over the past 4 years researching leather and refining the designs and materials used.

I love using full grain vegetable tanned leather, which I personally sun tan and treat with my own combination of oils and waxes (the “patina” selection). Edges are burnished with beeswax and all items are hand-stitched using the age old, unparalleled saddle stitching method.

The vegetable tanned leather has a very natural look and feel and hasn't been subject to any chemical processes (which often softens and weakens the leather). This allows the leather to remain rich in it’s unique individual character as well as stiff as it develops a natural patina. (It will darken, develop and grow in character over time) Each marking, like a scar, tells a story of an adventure past.

I'm very confident in the durability and methods used in developing these items and therefore am very happy to warranty them for a life time.

Cheers for now!
Chris & Friends